S3 Vendor Registration Page

Together, the S3 team offers management best practices, innovative processes, and continuous improvement methods with an emphasis on safety.

All of S3's vendors are expected to abide by our Terms & Conditions. S3 utilizes the Terms & Conditions as listed below. If you have received a link to this page as part of a Request for Quote, Proposal or as part of a flow down requirement on a Purchase Order or Subcontract, you may access the indicated Terms & Conditions document by clicking on the respective titles below.

Joining S3 How To Do Business With S3
S3-PRO-048 General Terms and Conditions for Materials
S3-PRO-049 General Terms and Conditions for Services
S3-727-F-2 Commercial Item FAR Flow Downs

If you represent a business that has not previously or recently registered with S3 and you are interested in teaming opportunities or other business opportunities with us, please complete and submit the following documentation along with any marketing sheets, capabilities statement and/or any relevant past performance. Please send these forms to:

S3-PRO-041 S3 Supplier Profile
S3-PRO-008 S3 Representations and Certifications - Annual
S3-PRO-040 Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization
S3-780-F-2 Business Size and Status Certification
S3-PRO-053 Third Party Code of Conduct
IRS Form W-9

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