Vendor Registration
Step 1 - Please anwser YES or NO to the following questions

1. Pursuant to FAR Clause 9.405, are you or your organization debarred, suspended, proposed for debarment, or otherwise excluded from receiving contracts?

2. Do you or your organization have all requisite licenses and qualifications to do business with the United States?

3. Is your organization’s corporate office(s) a United States entity(ies)?
If No, please explain:

4. Do you employ foreign nationals?

5. Are you registered with the System for Awards Management (SAM) [preferred])?

6. Do you agree to hold any and all proprietary information in trust and confidence and to only disclose or otherwise provide access to same to your organization’s employees, directors, officers or consultants (“Individuals”), or its Affiliates with a bona fide need to know who also agree to be bound by the same? The viewing party shall be responsible for the actions and inactions of its Individuals or Affiliates, and agrees, at its expense, to take all reasonable measures to restrain those Individuals or Affiliates from the unauthorized disclosure or use of the proprietary information and to refrain from using the same except for the purposes of the subject solicitation/RFP?