The S3 joint venture delivers the skills and capabilities of two industry leaders in government facilities services, manufacturing and test support. Under separately held contracts, PAE and BWXT bring their direct knowledge and experience having worked at Stennis Space Center and the Michoud Assembly Facility. Together, the S3 team offers management best practices, innovative processes, and continuous improvement methods with an emphasis on safety.

• Created specifically to support the NASA SACOM vision for the future: to provide safe, reliable, and cost-efficient testing and manufacturing facilities to support space flight systems enabling the Nation’s Exploration Vision. Committed to working with NASA to lower costs by bringing in complimentary work to each facility.

• Proven ability to consolidate facilities to government customers’ satisfaction: PAE consolidated two DoD facilities into one effective organization based on geography (Guam US Navy Base with USAF Anderson Air Field), reducing operating cost by 40 percent; BWXT has saved the U.S. government $44.5M annually through its own operational and management realignment of its Navy-focused manufacturing facilities.

• Talented management team with extensive NASA experience. The S3 solution demonstrates an understanding of and respect for NASA’s mission, culture and the operating environments of the two separate facilities. The S3 Team has experience with the existing institutional and mission support requirements and can perform on “Day One” of the contract in a cost-efficient and customer-oriented manner.

• Supported by a diverse network of specialty subcontractors, including Abacus Corporation, Analytical Mechanical Associates (AMA), American Services Technology (ASTI), Excalibur Inc., Nelson Engineering, NVision Inc., Madison Services, and Schafer Corporation.