BWXT Nuclear Operations Group, Inc. (BWXT) specializes in the design and manufacture of components for the U.S. government. With four operating locations throughout the United States, BWXT is committed to supplying our customers with high-quality, reliable products. BWXT NOG is a multi-million dollar operating segment of BWXT Technologies, Inc. BWXT NOG has four manufacturing locations in Indiana, Ohio and Virginia. Nuclear Fuel Services, Inc. (NFS) is a subsidiary of BWXT NOG, located in Erwin, Tenn.


BWXT owns and operates the only high value
high hazard facilities capable of designing,
manufacturing and testing specialty mission critical,
precision tolerance high hazard components for U.S.
government, commercial and university customers.
Our chief objective in operating these facilities
is safe, secure, on-time delivery of high quality
mission-critical products in a cost-effective manner.